Summertime Internet Surfing Poll

WickedCool Customers Online MORE In The Summer

In an online survey of our customers asked if they spent more time online or less in the summer.

Here's the result of our Poll conducted July 25th-August 7th, 2005

In the Summer are you online for more or less time?
Way More - I've got more time! - 37%
No Different - I'm an online addict - 32%
Way Less - I'm outside more! - 9%
More - Keeping in touch with friends on vacation - 8%
No Different - I don't go online much - 8%
Less - I'm on vacation - 4%
Less - I have a better connection at school -3%

About, Inc. Based in North Hollywood, CA, is a pop culture online retailer specializing in licensed Movie, TV, Cartoon and Comic Book properties. has just begun a series of pop culture polls and plans to continue the survey fans several times a month and post the information on their site.