Site Issues

Website Issues

We are the first to admit we are not perfect. 

Somewhere out there, hidden amongst our thousands of items and tens of thousands of web pages, there is a typo.  Superman is the "Man Of Steek"... a t-shirt is listed as "shot sleeved"... a bobblehead measures approximately 77" tall...  you get the idea.

With new products added (almost) everyday occasionally something like that slips through unnoticed.   If you find an error, a broken link, graphic that doesn't show up, a statue that has no listed measurements... or something else not right with please let us know - we'll do our best to get it perfect.

Please let us know what the problem is, when you saw it and (if relevant) what page it was on

Click HERE to contact the Wicked Cool Correction Task Force Leader!

Thanks for your help!

- The Wicked Cool Correction Task Force

(Please keep in mind that the internet isn't perfect either - sometimes the problem is a slow connection, or other things beyond our control. That being said, we are willing to send rabid weasels to hunt down those responsible)